Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1. How do I drive to Royal Palm Estates or Royal Palm Terraces?  (Click on a question to display the answer / Click again to hide)

A1. The site is located at Tema-Community 25 (Dawhenya). From the end of the Tema-Motorway, drive 8.6 Kilometers East on the Aflao road, then look for our large Sign on the Left. Turn right at our large sign onto Harrison Salt Road. Drive 2.3 Kilometers and turn right into our site. Please click HERE for a detailed driving map.

Q2. Does Royal Estates Group offer financing for your homes?

A2. Yes, In RoyalPalm Estates, we have an EZ Pay program that let's you make monthly payments for up to 36 months while your house is being built. The EZ pay program requires you to make a minimum down payment of at least $ 10,000 or $ 15,000 (depending on model) and then make 36 equal monthly payments while the house is constructed. You cannot take possession or use the home until it is completely paid for. If you need to move in sooner than 36 months, or require longer term financing to lower your monthly payments, then there are several mortgage lenders that are active in Ghana. We have a relationship with Ghana Home Loans and CalBank to make the mortgage process as convenient as possible for you. You can also use your own bank if preferred. Royal Estates Group does not provide long term mortgage financing but we will provide required documentation to assist you in procuring financing from your lender of choice. For a detailed list of the type of information your bank, or our preferred lenders, will usually require to assess and approve a mortgage, please click HERE.

If you are buying one of our 2 or 3 Bedroom Apartments in Royal Palm Terraces, we do not offer an EZ pay plan at this time.

Q3. What makes Royal Estates Group,Ltd. different from other estate developers?

A3. Royal Estates Group consists of professionals (Engineers, Developers & Investors) with many years of experience in the United States, dedicated to development projects. Royal Estates Group doesn't just build a dream home to meet our client's demands, but we also develop a relationship that lasts after the houses are completed. We understand the difficulty in raising funds for each property so we make sure that our clients get more home for their money. Building homes is our passion, our work ethic is unmatched and we strive to earn our client's trust. Our homes are well designed and are part of an overall community that is structured to improve the quality of life of our clients.

Q4. Are there Model/Show Homes I can tour before buying?

A4. Yes. There are several Model Homes currently available for showing at Royal Palm Estates! Several models are completed and are available for tours by appointment.

There are no apartment models in Royal Palm Terraces at this time for showing as these units are only being built to order.

Q5. What makes Royal Palm Estates or Royal Palm Terraces different from other properties in Ghana?

A5. First and foremost our land is free from litigation and land guards and we have a registered Title number "TD 5506"
Royal Palm Estates provides many standard features that we see as a necessity. We also believe in providing a fully completed home that is ready for occupancy the day the buyer finalizes their purchase. Many of our standard features are optional features for other developers. We offer energy saving standard features like ventilated attic spaces and the provision of R-13 roof insulation. Standard Low-E double pane windows to reduce heat transmission into the occupied space makes our homes more energy efficient than our competitors. Pre-wiring for telephone and TV outlets and a state of the art electronic security system in each house or condo are also items not offered by many competitors without additional cost. Each house will be connected to the main gatehouse with an intercom system so that visitors can be screened and announced to our residents, before they are granted entrance into the community. Neighborhood Security, Landscaping, Trash/ Garbage removal, General grounds-keeping and maintenance services will be performed under the direction of the Home Owners Association (HOA).
These among others makes Royal Palm Estates "Simply Better"

Q6. What is the time it takes to complete the construction of each house or apartment ?

A6. Royal Estates Group is committed to providing the best available products to complete each house. The average delivery period is typically 12 months for our single level homes and 15 months for our two level homes and 24-30 months for apartment units, depending on the terms of payment. For cash payment in advance, homes will be completed in less than twelve months. In some cases we have homes that are already started but not sold. If you need a home sooner than 12 months please ask and we will check our inventory. In some cases homes may be available for occupancy in as little as 60 days

Q7. What are the utilities available to each home?

A7. Royal Palm Estates and Royal Palm Terraces are gated communities. All homes are provided with the following utilities:
  1. Electricity
  2. Public Water Main Service
  3. Wiring for T.V., Telephone and High Speed Internet
  4. Tarred Roads
  5. Hardscaped walkways
  6. Underground gutters
  7. And many more.
Royal Palm Estates has space allocated for a Future Club House, Leisure Pool and Commercial/business center. Royal Palm Terraces will have a community pool area

Q8. What are the terms of payment?

A8. For more information on the buying steps and financing, please refer to the “How To Buy” section of our website.

To get started you need to complete our purchase application either online or print it out and complete it then mail it to us.

There are several ways to pay for a house or condo in one of our communities
  1. Mortgage Loan
    1. Royal Estates Group will issue an offer letter
    2. Applicant will pay the required 40% deposit and obtain a mortgage application from your mortgage institution or one of our preferred lenders- Royal Estates will assist in the process but Royal Estates Group does Not provide financing.
    3. After processing and/or approval and completion of construction, the mortgage institution will make the required payment of the balance owed on applicants behalf and grant you occupation and possession after the required mortgage documents have been executed.

  2. Royal Palm Estates Houses - Cash Payment by installment
    1. Purchaser pays 10% deposit of base price of the house plus the cost of all options before allocation and commencement of the construction period.
    2. Purchaser shall pay 20% when Foundation is completed.
    3. Purchaser shall pay 25% when First Floor Lintel Level Is Completed.
    4. Purchaser shall pay 25% when Roof is completed.
    5. Purchaser shall pay 10% when Interior Plastering is completed.
    6. Purchaser shall pay 10% when home is completed. The purchaser shall take possession and occupation upon final payment of the house.

  3. Royal Palm Terraces Apartments - Cash Payment by installment
    1. Purchaser pays 40% deposit of base price of the Apartment and options before allocation and commencement of the construction period.
    2. Purchaser shall pay 20% when Roofing Commences.
    3. Purchaser shall pay 15% when Tiling Commences.
    4. Purchaser shall pay 15% when Painting Commences.
    5. Purchaser shall pay 10% when home is completed. The purchaser shall take possession and occupation upon final payment of the Condo Unit.

  4. EZ Pay Construction Financing (Not Available for Apartments; Only Available for Houses in Royal Palm Estates)
    1. Purchaser pays $10,000 or $ 15,000 deposit (depending on model) of the total cost of the house before allocation and commencement of the construction period.
    2. Purchaser chooses all options and pays for them within 90 days.
    3. Purchaser makes first monthly payment 90 days after deposit .
    4. Plot selection is guaranteed and Construction begins..
    5. Purchaser makes 35 more equal monthly payments.
    6. The purchaser shall take possession and occupation upon final payment of the house.

In either type of payment, Purchaser should also budget an estimated additional fee of 5% of the total price of the house to cover closing costs such as the preparation and execution of the Deed and eventual Registration of the Deed Conveyance/Titling, Utility meter deposits, Attorney fees etc. All Prices shown already include the 5% Value Added Tax (VAT) imposed by the Ghana Revenue Authority

Q9. What are the conditions for sale of a house or Condo ?

A9. Royal Estates Group will be committed when a sales agreement is signed between Royal Estates Group and the Purchaser and the requisite deposit is paid by the Purchaser. Royal Estates Group shall execute a Deed of Conveyance with the purchaser upon receipt of the full payment of the home. Purchaser should also budget an estimated additional fee of 5% of the total price of the home to cover closing costs such as the preparation and execution of the Deed and eventual Registration of the Deed Conveyance/Titling, Utility meter deposits, Attorney fees etc.

For more information on the buying steps and financing, please refer to the “How To Buy” section of our website.

Q10. Are there pictures of your houses available ?

A10. Yes there are photos of our model homes and other features of our community. Click Here To View Our House Photos.

Q11. Where is Royal Estates Groups' office in Ghana?

A11. . Royal Estates Groups' office is conveniently located at #1 Royal Avenue in Royal Palm Estates.

Q12. What places of interest are close to the site?

A12. Kotoka International Airport (20 miles), Tema Golf Course (3 miles), Campus of the Central University (7 miles), The beaches at Pram Pram (4 miles), Headquarters of the National Institute of Journalism (under construction) opposite our site, The future training complex for the National Black Stars soccer team, and The proposed National Airport are some of the key places of interest closer to the site.

Q13. What are the plot sizes for the houses in Royal Palm Estates ?

A13. The plot size for each house is approximately 80 ft x 100 ft. Some plots may be slightly larger or smaller depending on the house model type being built. Please see the site plan for more detail about the available plot sizes and shapes.

Q14. If I own a plot, can Royal Estates Group build my dream home at my site?

A14. . In order to provide the highest attention to detail and quality in our planned communities, Royal Estates Group does not provide this service at this time.

Q15. What is the Homeowners Association?

A15.Each plot in Royal Palm Estates and Royal Palm Terraces is governed by a Homeowners Association (HOA). The association has rules and regulations that are designed to help preserve the integrity and value of each home in the community. The HOA is initially controlled by Royal Estates Group but as more homes are purchased within the community, the HOA will be governed by a board of directors that is elected by majority vote of the homeowners.

Q16. Do I have to follow the rules of the HOA?

A16.The HOA is a legal entity that is established under the laws of Ghana and each homeowner must agree to abide by the published rules established by the HOA before they can purchase a home in Royal Palm Estates. The HOA will ultimately be governed by members of the community that share a common interest in keeping the property values maintained. There are provisions in the HOA charter for plot owners to apply for and receive waivers and modifications of the rules for their specific project based on the discretion of the Board of Directors and Officers of the HOA.

Q17. What Types of things does the HOA regulate?

A17.The HOA has rules that are designed to limit or prevent certain activities within the community. For example there are rules that prevent the raising of livestock within Royal Palm Estates and rules defining the upkeep of common areas such as streets and trash removal. There are also regulations regarding additions and alterations made to the exterior of each home to make sure changes are done in a manner that is consistent with the original buildings and that ensure that alterations are finished within predefined timeframes. These regulations are designed to prevent an unsightly construction project from extending on for years without being finished. Each prospective purchaser is given a copy of the complete set of community guidelines that is included with their purchase agreement package before they commit to buy a home in Royal Palm Estates.

Q18. Why does Royal Palm Estates or Royal Palm Terraces need a Homeowners Association?

A18.Royal Palm Estates and RoyalPalm Terraces are planned communities that offers many amenities that are not available to land owners that own a single isolated lot. By establishing a HOA, each owner gets the benefit of the amenities at a shared cost that is much lower than could be achieved on their own. For example, a gated and staffed security entrance with telephone intercom to each home to control access to the community can offer more peace of mind. Trash removal services and care of the streets and sidewalk landscaping are other benefits to each resident. Provision for a community recreational center and pool has been made if the majority of homeowners want to establish it in the future.

Q19. Are appliances included in the base price of each home?

A19.Appliances are not included in the base price of each house or apartment unit. However we have several appliance option packages using high quality Whirlpool appliances that are available at additional cost for clients that do not want the inconvenience of purchasing and installing their own appliances. Many clients prefer our appliance packages for the quality and convenience it entails. We also understand that many clients prefer different features in their Ovens, Ranges, Refrigerators,Dishwashers, Clothes Washer and Dryers so you may provide your own appliances if this is your preference. Our layouts have been designed to accomodate standard sizes for these appliances. Unlike most other builders in Ghana, our houses already include Kitchen Cabinets and Countertops as well as complete plumbing fixtures such as sinks, toilets, tubs, and faucets. In addition, we include electrical lighting fixtures in each house so you can just add your own appliances and you are ready to move in ! An enlarged drawing of each standard kitchen layout is available for each model under the house prices section of our website. These drawings may help you plan your kitchen appliance decision. Other optional kitchen appliance layouts are also available if purchasing your appliances from us.

Q20. Is there a community center or community swimming pool at Royal Palm Estates or Royal Palm Terraces?

A20.At Royal Palm Estates, we have planned a clubhouse complex with a swimming pool and recreation area. The facility will be also be available to residents for social events such as weddings and parties. The proposed rendering can be viewed on the House Prices section of our website

At Royal Palm Terraces we have planned a swimming pool area that will be available for the use and enjoyment of all Condo owners and their guests.

Please contact us for more details.

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