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May 1, 2020 - Royal Estates Group announces Covid-19 Relief to new home purchasers. Extended payment terms are available.

November 15, 2019 - Royal Estates Group announces completion of the roofing and windows of the new clubhouse.Final Clubhouse Completion Scheduled for 2021

January, 2019 - Royal Estates Group announces the start of construction of an additional security post to increase 24 hour coverage in the newly occupied phase 2 section of the community.

December 11, 2018 - Royal Estates Group expresses our sorrow over the passing of Stanley Owusu Atakora. He was one of our founding directors and will be deeply missed by our staff and residents.

September , 2018 - Royal Estates Group Limited announces the completion of the first layer of paving on the main road from Royal Palm Estates to the Aflao Road Junction. The Road Ministry is scheduled to apply the finishing coat after at least six months of settling and patching have occurred.

August , 2018 - Royal Estates Group Limited enters an agreement with Vodafone to provide fiber optic high speed internet to each home at Royal Palm Estates. Underground fiber optic Installation fees are covered by Royal Estates Group. Homeowners can subscribe and pay for monthly internet service plans directly to Vodafone based on their individual bandwidth and speed requirements.

May , 2018 - Royal Estates Group Limited completes the foundation work and construction of the walls for the ground level and first floor of the clubhouse at Royal Palm Estates.

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